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05 December 2019 @ 10:45 am
please comment before adding | always looking for new friends ♥
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just a place to keep my quotes. feel free to add a quote, if you feel so inclined.
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This is purely dedicated to the beautiful Kate Beckett. Since I cannot cap every single moment of every episode of Castle, I have decided to update this constantly with the caps that made me stop and stare at her for more than the usual ten seconds. Please don't edit or use without my permission. Comments are always loved. ♥

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18 July 2010 @ 08:29 pm


1. Leave prompts! Any pairing you wish, any single character, any threesome, any theme, any subject, any setting, GO FOR IT. RPF (Real Person Fic) is also fine if you have a Nathan/Stana or whatever tick. You can use a prompt word, sentence, lyrics, line of a poem or a quote, bible verse, anything you want. HAVE FUN WITH IT, GUYS.

2. Write fic! If you have a good idea, reply to the request and write it! Go for it! Just reply to the original prompt comment and try to remember to use a 'Title', pairing, rating header in the comment subject line. If the fic gets too long for an LJ comment, you can reply to it again (example: "Drabble - Ryan/Beckett - Second Chances' - Part Two or 2/2 or 2/3, so on) and break it into parts. Or you can post it in your journal and leave a link in your reply, directing the original requester to your journal to read. That's fine too.

NOTE: Giving a rating is very important if you're including kink. Some of us might not want to read about that unless it involves Rick Castle getting freaky, then we'll make an exception, so a rating and warning is always necessary! [warnings for: *insert your warning here* sentence would do]

3. Leave love! Being nice and thanking/complimenting the replier/writer is always a nice thing to do, guys. Just letting them know how much you liked it (even if you weren't the one that requested it but you liked it anyways) is always nice. Remember to reply to the story instead of making a new comment.

4. Have fun!

*inspired by raedbard's the west wing comment ficathon. so, this idea? not mine. okay? okay. (you can also look there if you're confused on how any of this goes)


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