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28 December 2009 @ 06:43 pm


Yes, this is pretty much stolen from everyone in the freakin' world who has a LJ account, but, hey, I haven't found one for NCIS yet, so g'head and share the love.

1.) ALL ships are welcomed here, of course. Two people in it, three, four, it doesn't matter! Be as creative as you want and see what kind of story you could come up with in six words or less.

2.) The story needs to be a comment on this entry and it would be helpful if you could put the ship/person it is about in the title box. So, have at it and have fun :)

3.) Post as many times as you want.

ETA: 4.) Multiple lines are fine.

(Yes, RPF is fine with me but be warned that some won't be as comfortable with it as others)

ALSO: I didn't pimp this game out to any NCIS: LA comms, but if you want to do NCIS: LA that is fine by me :)